2017 AFEW Giraffe Centre Environmental Competition.

Hello everyone. It a lovely day today. We are terribly sorry for not having the winners list back up in time. please bare with us. Here is the list. Congratulations to all the winners. Just click below

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The Giraffe Centre is a Non-Profit making organization whose main objective is to provide conservation education for school children and the youth of Kenya. All our education programmes are offered to them free of charge. The Giraffe Centre derives 90% of its funds from the entrance fee collected and from the sales in the gift shop and teahouse. Therefore, by visiting us and/or making purchase from our shop and teahouse you have contributed towards conservation education to the Kenyan youth. While you are here, take time to visit our nature trail. All in making sure you enjoy nature.

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Have a read to this wonderful article about Giraffe Centre done by Africa GeographyHave a lovely read

Get eye to eye with a giraffe at the AFEW Giraffe Centre



“A Kenyan Population in harmony with nature and living sustainably”.
 “To promote sustainable environmental conservation through education for the youth in Kenya ”

1)Integrity – Honesty and Respect

2)Quality service

3)Commitment to sustainability in social, economic and environmental aspects .

We are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm everyday including weekends and all public holidays.

Guest Category Entry Fee Cost
Non Resident Adult Kshs. 1000
Non Resident Child/Student Kshs.500
Resident Adult Kshs. 250
Resident Child Kshs.50

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P.O.Box 15124-00509 Nairobi, Kenya.

AFEW Kenya Ltd. - Giraffe Centre.

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