New Giraffes Released from Boma

Four Giraffes from Kigio were brought to the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi on 1st July 2012 and were acclimatizing in their holding Boma. The Giraffes were released from the Boma on 6th July 2012 at about 1015Hrs to join the other existing seven to enhance the breeding of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffes at the Centre.

Four Giraffes brought to the Giraffe Centre

On the 1st of July,2012, Four Rothschild’s giraffes were translocated from Kigio Wildlife Conservancy to the Giraffe Centre by Kenya Wildlife Service. Out of the four giraffes one is a male aged 5years, two females aged 4years and one female aged 3years. The four join other seven giraffes at the well renown Rothschild’s giraffe breeding Centre otherwise known us African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya Ltd.

Appreciation to Kigio Wildlife Conservancy for the giraffes and to the Kenya Wildlife Service for executing their capture and translocation.

Now the total number of giraffes at the centre is 11.