A.F.E.W (K) Ltd. – Giraffe Centre Holds a Successful Gamescout Workshop in Tsavo

AFEW(K) Ltd. Education Department hosted a 3 day Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) Game Scout Workshop at the Tsavo Lodge Hotel in Voi Town on September 26th – 28th, 2013.  This workshop brought together 37 Participants drawn from the Tsavo Conservation Area. The theme of the workshop was “Our Wildlife Our Heritage Our Responsibility.

The objectives of the workshop were:-

  • To have a better understanding of the TCA ecosystem in terms of resources, stakeholders, challenges and future conservation opportunities.
  • To share value, knowledge and perception about conservation in TCA.
  • To strengthen our networks and partnerships for sustainable wildlife conservation and local livelihoods within the TCA.

The workshop was officially opened by the Mr. Wellington Gathungu, the KWS Community Wildlife Warden, Tsavo East National Park. In his opening remarks he highlighted the broad overview of TCA in terms of the regions exceptional and complex resource, rich biodiversity, diverse habitats/landscapes and rich cultural diversity. He reiterated about the various stakeholders and their key roles in promoting integrated ecosystem management for sustainable biodiversity conservation and local livelihoods. He concluded his speech by appreciating the participants for their important role as Community game scouts. Finally, he challenged and encouraged the participants to undertake other conservation activities during the de-snaring and regular patrols exercises for effective human wildlife conservation and community based security.

The key outcome of this workshop was the development of a data collection sheet to be used by the game scouts during their patrols and formation of the Tsavo Conservation Area Game Scouts Association. The workshop also provided the stakeholders and participants a good platform for sharing experiences and challenges in bush meat, human wildlife conflicts & coexistence, sustainable energy alternatives, community education & awareness and the importance of data collection and technology in conservation.

Acknowledge to the Board of Directors and Management of AFEW (K) Ltd for their approval and support of the TCA Game Scout Workshop. To the facilitators and mobilizers, Mr. Jacob Dadi – Amara Conservancy, Mr. Evanson Kariuki – Care for the Wild/Bush meat East Africa Network (BEAN), Mr. David Ogiga – Kasigau Conservancy, Mr. Mr. Lenjo of Wildlife works, Mr. Mlamba of Kasigau Conservancy, Victor Mutumah – Born Free, Mr. Mombo of Taita Taveta Wildlife Association and Mr. Nicodemus Kivindyo formerly of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and currently working with Kuruwitu Community Marine Association. Much appreciation for the participants without whom the workshop could not have taken place and who together with the AFEW staff’s shared experiences and challenges will help define the way forward for a sustainable future intervention in future Community Game Scout operations, trainings  and conservation.

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  1. Sammy Oct 08, 2013 -

    Good report. I will be interested to conduct such a workshop with game rangers / guides in Laikipia conservancies. Let me know if Laikipia Wildlife Forum can partner with A.F.E.W to deliver such a workshop in Laikipia.

    • admin May 16, 2017 -