Nature Sanctuary

The Nature Sanctuary approximately 95 acres is an indigenous forest, a remnant of the natural forest that once surrounded Nairobi. Categorised as a dry upland forest that originally comprised of the current Ngong forest and Ololua forest hence similar vegetation. The Sanctuary also has a seasonal river  – Gogo River, whose source is the Ngong hills which provides a beautiful serene environment during the rainy season and moreso a small waterfall. The nature trail/walk stretches about 1.5 kilometers meandering through thick bushes and forests. This leisurely stroll begins directly in front of the parking lot at the Giraffe Centre. There are variety of flora and fauna that make this forest an ideal habitat for various animals including the giraffes, hyenas, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, warthogs, bushbucks, monkeys, squirrels and sometimes we get leopard.

Activities such as Nature walks, Bird walks, Tree identification walks (Botanical walks Nature interactive learning and Treasure Hunts can be arranged

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