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Latest news


Hello everyone. It a lovely day today. We are terribly sorry for not having the winners list back up in time. please bare with us. Here is the list. Congratulations to all the winners. Just click below

Winners list 2017 competition (180)



School bookings

We have had a change in our school booking protocol. With effect from 26th May 2016 we are really asking you to please follow the new regulations to avoid any inconveniences that may come by not following them.

To get to know the regulations please download the file below


 Saving nature

The Kenya Wildlife service saving one of nature’s amazing creation from trouble.


Annual competition

Since January 1st 2016, our annual competition has been going on. Its almost time for the creativity of those who participated to be rewarded. If you have not submitted your work, please make a point to have done the same by 7th of April 2016. After that, you will be too late. Good luck