School visits and booking

Several times we have been asked of what we do with the money you pay as entry to Giraffe Centre. Well, one of them is allowing school groups to visit Giraffe Centre free of Charge. While at the Giraffe Centre, they get to learn of the environment and its importance. To make sure the students grasp the concepts, we have the lessons customized depending on where the school is coming from.

To achieve this goal without interfering with the guests as they enjoy their day with us, we have come up with a procedure on how to bring the school groups to our premises.

To know the procedure, please click here to get the school booking letter.

in addition to the conditions on the later kindly note:

  1. We only take a maximum of 10 schools a day.
  2. We only take a maximum of 100 pupils per school per day.
  3. The free entry only applies to school groups from Kenya.
  4. The free entry is only for the week days.

Kindly adhere to this to ensure that we serve you best.